How to switch Samsung keyboard to Gboard (Google keyboard)

Want to swap out the Samsung keyboard for the Google keyboard? No problem, Samsung gives you total freedom to use the keyboard you like the most, be it the Gboard or even the Microsoft Swiftkey.

Changing keyboards is a fairly intuitive process, and can be reversed. In terms of features, the Samsung keyboard has evolved a lot, being quite similar to the Gboard, even having the possibility to dictate your text. Gboard continues to have better integration with Google services, widely used on Android (search, Google Translate, etc.).

How to switch Samsung keyboard to Gboard

Start by going to the Google Play Store and search for Gboard. Install the Google keyboard on your Samsung. After finishing the installation, just open the app (you can open directly in the Google Play Store by clicking the Open button). The first screen of Gboard will suggest the change by simply tapping the “Enable in Settings” button.

In the list that appears, you will need to enable Gboard as an introduction method option.

After activating the “Gboard” option, tap “Default Keyboard” and select Gboard. It’s ready, your Samsung will use the Google keyboard in all text introductions, including text writing, searches, etc.

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How to get back to Samsung keyboard?

To use the Samsung keyboard again, simply go to your device’s settings and enter the “General Management” option. Now tap on “List of keyboards and pattern” where you can again choose the Samsung keyboard as the main one.

There is also another alternative (unorthodox), which consists of uninstalling Gboard, forcing the smartphone to choose an alternative keyboard, by default the Samsung keyboard. If you have questions, send your comment in the form below. See you soon!

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