How to view Source Code in Chrome Mobile (Android)

If you are a Webmaster, you have certainly had to analyze the source code of a page, to try to understand what resources are being loaded, what styles have been applied, what programming language has been used, etc.

How to see the source code of a page on Android

On the computer, it is very simple to view the source code by simply pressing with the right mouse button and selecting “view source code of the page”, or simply use the shortcut keys CTRL+U. But what about the mobile version of Chrome? Is there a quick option to access the source code? Well, of course.

How to see the source code of a page on Android

To view the source code on Android it is necessary to use a small trick (which is also valid on computers). Start by accessing the page you want to view using your Android’s Google Chrome browser. Now, just tap the address bar and add “view-source:” (without quotation marks) before the link, for example: view-source:

A page will appear with the code well delineated and colored, making it easier to read.

page source code on Android

Save code to PDF on Android?

On Android it is very simple to create a PDF, or convert files to PDF. To do this, simply use the native PDF creation functionality of Google Chrome itself. That way, you can save the source code to view later, or sync with another device (for example, your computer). For more details, see the following tutorial: How to save pages offline (in PDF).

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